Nutritional Facts of Fish........

From "The Pericone Prescription," by Dr. Nicholas Pericone, M.D.

"The flesh of fish - especially salmon - contains DMAE, a powerful antioxidant.  This chemical stimulates nerve function and the muscles to contract and tighten under the skin.  DMAE is your magic bullet for great skin tone, keeping your face firm and contoured.  It prevents and reverses what is clinically known as "anatomical loss of position," commonly known as sagging."

"Only one food has the reputation from time immorial of being a "brain food."  That food is fish, especially fish that is high in DMAE.  DMAE is recognized as a cognitive enhancer.  A diet high in DMAE will enable you to think more clearly, improve your memory and increase your problem-solving ability."


"The most recent studies on omega-3 have linked low fish intake to an increased incidence of psychological problems, including depression, bipolar disorders, postpartum depression and suicidal tendencies.  In a study from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, researchers found that patients with manic-depressive disorder who had not responded to conventional therapy improved dramatically when given a daily four-ounce serving of fresh salmon."


"What makes fish stand out from other excellent protein sources and makes it an extraordinary anti-aging food is its multiple polyunsaturated fat and fatty acid content.  Wild cold water fish - including salmon, mackeral and trout - have the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids."


From "The Food Doctor," by Vicki Edgson & Ian Marber

"Salmon - Rich source of beneficial fish oil: Good for hormonal health, skin, the immune system, bones and teeth.  Contains:  Calcium, selenium,Vitamins D & E, Omega 3 essential fatty acids."

"Oysters - Benefits cardiovascular and immune system.  Contains:  Vitamins A, B12, C and iron.  Very high in zinc."

"Mackerel - Maintains cardiovascular health, balances hormones, strengthens immune system.  Contains:  Calcium, selenium, Vitamin E, Omega-3 essential fatty acids."


From "The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health," by Robert A. Ronzio, PhD, CNS, FAIC

"A variety of studies have demonstrated the benefits of fish on health.  The Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial involving 13,000 U.S. men showed that the risk of dying from heart attack was 40% less for those eating the most fish.  Dutch studies have shown that men eating fish several times weekly were less likely to die of heart attack or stroke .

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